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If you wish to be accepted for training on a dinghy instructor course then you need to pass this practical test not more than 1 year prior to your instructor training course.


The assessment is normally conducted in a minimum wind speed of 11 knots and in a double-handed dinghy; likely to be Bahia or Vision. The assessment is generally half a day.  


The candidate is judged on the preparation for and execution of, a range of tasks - sailing at all times with an awareness of “the Five Essentials” .The Assessor will be seeking to confirm that you can sail competently and confidently by watching you complete the following tasks:


1.     Sail around a triangular course

2.     Sail a tight circular course

3.     Sail a follow-my-leader course

4.     Pick up a man-over-board dummy


The assessor will also ask you to perform some of the following:


5.     Sail without a rudder

6.     Anchor or pick up a mooring

7.     Come alongside a moored boat

8.     Recover a capsized dinghy and sail away


(For more precise details of each task please see RYA Dinghy Coaching Handbook pages 47-49.)


This is an assessment style course with a tight time schedule, with unfortunately little/no time for coaching, so prior to arrival please ensure you have practised all the tasks and can sail a dinghy confidently to the standard detailed above.


This course is very weather dependent so we will make arrangements to be in contact on the morning of the assessment to decide whether to go ahead or re-schedule for another day.


Ideally you need to bring along someone who can crew for you unless we can find other people who would like to assess at the same time.

If you need assistance with any aspects of the course, please contact us on 01229 885456




By arrangement                    


£80 + VAT non-residential


To receive a booking form please contact us.

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